PR for People Monthly JANUARY 2016 - Page 22

You’re busy. It’s the holidays, so there’s more on your plate than usual. You want to experience less busy-ness and want more joy, relaxation, and a social life. Let’s collaborate and create that so you have less tension in the New Year and for the next big holiday! Beginning late January, the Stress Intelligence coaching program will be introduced. I am super-excited about this project and know it will give some relief. There are multiple options. By exploring newsletter packages and the coaching program packages, you will be able to choose a program that fits your schedule and your needs.

The Stress Intelligence program will have weekly or monthly newsletters and various monthly coaching packages. Prefer face-to-face meetings? Depending on where you’re at, the Stress Intelligence coaching program is tailored to help you. I’ve helped people with personal and professional stress based on workshops and presentations I’ve conducted in the past and this program is meant to bring that service closer to you than ever before. This is based on my 20 years of managing my own stress and my professional education and experience. Since I experienced chronic stress at an earlier point in my life, which led to various undesired manifestations, I learned and developed many strategies to prevent, manage, reduce and optimize my stress levels. Doing so has led me to have a joyful, productive and creative life, and you can have this too. Who doesn’t want more joy and creativity in their life and less focus on stress the experiences of tension? My book, Stress Intelligence, is based on these strategies, as is the coaching program I offer.

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Got Stress?

Here’s a solution

By Dr. Serena Wadhwa