PR for People Monthly January 2013 | Page 19

You may want to get greater recognition for your work and your reputation. You may want to go to the next level, but how do you get there? The answer is PR. You have to meet the right people who are willing to be champions of your cause. These influencers are your allies and advocates. These people are powerful in their own right and will influence how the public and the press will perceive you. You also have to generate your own press because it is the single most powerful tool that gives credibility to your work and your reputation. And before you generate press, you need to create a strategy that will resonate with the people whom you need to gain as your allies.

It’s about being in the right network in your chosen profession, no matter what that profession might be, whether you’re a shoemaker, a graphic designer, a lawyer, an actor, a CPA or an author.

How will you become known for who you are and what you do? Who do you need to know? Who will benefit from knowing you? How will you reach the people you need to know? If you believe you have a reputation that is worthy of recognition, then you must ask yourself, How will I achieve the accolades and respect of influencers and my colleagues in order to catapult myself to the highest level—to that of a master?

Develop “You” as a Brand

Before you sign on to any social media site or reach out to any key influencer or journalist, you need to first decide exactly what you will do when you get there. If you are not clear and focused, you will waste your time, which can seriously damage your overall strategy. You’re never just developing a PR campaign; you’re developing a brand. And to build your brand, you will develop many PR campaigns. Use social media, but spend no more than 15 minutes a day on social media.

You connect with Journalists

You are savvy enough to know that sending press release can be a complete waste of time. Instead, connect with journalists by letting them know about your expertise and how you can help. Focus on reaching key influencers or journalists who are the most likely to need you. Stay in touch. Make yourself indispensable, so reporters will want to call you.

You Never Stop Networking The overarching umbrella of networking includes speaking opportunities, events, and partnerships. But it also includes identifying key influencers in your field who can help your business grow and who can refer business to you. No matter what new technology or tool comes into play, it is still about people meeting people.

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