PR for People Monthly FEBRUARY 2019 | Page 5

The wall has divided the government and the American people. The wall is fodder for talk show hosts, late night commentators and lackeys. The wall has been the top news story in every media outlet. If you are being bombarded with news about the wall, day and night, you are a victim of cheap entertainment.

Big government and big media have done a deal. Trump has thrown a bone to the media. The POTUS wants for ridiculous reasons to build a wall that will cost an outlandish amount of money. The media devours POTUS’s bone, chews it up, and spits it out all over you.

Your top picks to get news might include Fox, Breitbart, the New York Daily News, your local newspaper, headlines from the failing

New York Times, Wall Street Journal, channel surfing on Sirius XM Satellite Radio, Twitter, a meme on Facebook, or from Comedian Stephen Colbert. Without mentioning all of the different ways for you to get your news, one truth is undeniable. This is your wall, and it’s being built around you.

A wall is being built around you on purpose. If you’re bombarded with news about a wall, you will not have to think about the real problems. If you think about the real problems, you’ll worry. You’ll worry because the real problems are big. Too big for you to solve.

Too big for the big boys to solve? The big boys do not want to pay the price to solve the really big problem. And to them, you’re that problem.