PR for People Monthly AUGUST 2015 | Page 39

How do you plan to fund the growth of Laboratory?

Currently everything is being funded from out of pocket, trades, and some really amazing friends. For so many reasons, we’d like to stray from this which is why we are putting together a film campaign for investors, potential partners, and followers. This will be featured on,, etc. Along with that we will be sending the video pitch to hand selected people we want to be a part of this, or at the very least for them to know about what we are doing.

How is Laboratory different from other menswear brands?

We are changing the way men shop, the standard production cycle, and how clothing fits.

Describe your new “sizing” model?

The model stems from research studying how clothing properly and improperly fits. To get great fitting clothing, you have to spend big bucks. To attain quality affordable fitting clothing you have to fit the model of A, B, or C cookie-cutter builds. There is a double standard when it comes to sizing; womenswear is an established industry that sells off of their sizing bracket to give better quality product to their consumer. We are here to build and create that in casual menswear as it has yet to be explored.

Where are you taking the brand next?

After the campaign our next step is to get our production idea patented, samples produced and full website built. That being granted everything goes as planned for getting our funding in the right place. Building a company that has much higher goals than simply creating seasonal collections is very costly! I guess you can say we “go big or go home.”

Chanel Harper:

“As a kid, my dad’s favorite line before I would leave the house was, ‘Chanel. Who’s in charge?’ After hearing this for so many years, I’d always say with a half annoyed smile, ‘I am dad.’ then walk out the door; looking back on it I realize he was subconsciously building me for the real world.