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EDUCATING YOURSELF FOR THE FUTURE GIVES YOU A COMPETITIVE EDGE F urthering your studies at tertiary level helps equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to do your job, but with the Fourth Industrial Revolution already upon us, it is a lifetime of learning that really counts and sets you apart as a professional. Amid the move towards a greener global economy using new energy technologies such as wind, waves and solar, the pace of change in the digital workplace is constantly accelerating with automation and algorithms creating new high-quality jobs and vastly improved productivity. From the use of apps, to piloting drones to remotely monitoring patient health, any gaps in your skills in future may significantly hamper your ability to adopt new technology and this, in turn, can affect your career or the growth of your business. upskilling throughout one’s life. It also means keeping up with constant social, political and economic changes driven by technology. The World Economic Forum in a recent future of jobs report says that the wide availability of high-speed mobile internet and artificial intelligence, and the widespread adoption of big data analytics along with cloud technology, are set to be the dominant drivers that positively affect business growth. This means that the ever-increasing demand for new skills will entail the need for substantial reskilling and IF YOU HAD THE OPPORTUNITY, WOULD YOU FURTHER YOUR EDUCATION? The fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) remain paramount for the medical, dental, pharmaceutical, accounting, engineering and legal professionals who make up PPS’s member base. Many of life’s rapidly changing realities are inextricably linked to these fields. The entrance of numerous new local and international players into the South African private higher education market means that the choices for affordable, accessible and quality education and flexible modes of delivery are growing rapidly. These include shorter diploma and certificated careers, more business-oriented courses, along with a variety of MBA-type modules, technical learning and degree courses taught over longer periods of time. Tips to ensure that you remain competitive: 1 Explore business and entrepreneurial programs to spark your creativity. 2 Consider short courses and certificated programs to remain current and relevant. 3 Investigate different learning platforms to integrate with particular lifestyle requirements PPS’s financial advisers are here to help you prepare and manage your financial needs in keeping up with future demands. Rate this article Werner Lotter PPS Financial Adviser PREVIOUS PPS | COGNITION | EDITION 3 | MAXIMISING your finance for today 06 07 NEXT PPS | COGNITION | EDITION 3 | MAXIMISING your finance for today