Postcards Winter 2022 US | Page 2

Our first issue of 2022 greets you with optimism , restored confidence and a wealth of opportunities to join a revived travel sector . Resorts have undergone transformative renovations and cruise lines are inaugurating new ships . Seasoned travelers and novices alike are making up for time lost by marking milestones and committing to intrepid journeys . And many parts of the world are ready to receive visitors with open arms .
In fact , several of those destinations are celebrated in the pages of this magazine . Encounter primates in Uganda ’ s Budongo Forest who ’ ve been habituated to the presence of human visitors . Cruise through the Galápagos Islands , exploring one of the most biodiverse places on the planet in absolute comfort and elegance . Marvel at the extraordinary medieval architecture and cultural landmarks of York , England . Savor the varied flavors of Singapore ’ s celebrated street food scene . These are just a few of the destinations you ’ ll discover within these pages .
We hope you ’ re inspired by the people and tales in this issue enough to take the next step in making your travel dreams a reality — whether it ’ s next month or next year . When you ’ re ready , our agency is here to help you plan and book the trip of a lifetime .
Happy travels !