Postcards Winter 2021 US | Page 2

As we settle into 2021 , many of us are beginning to travel again in a way we haven ’ t since before the COVID-19 pandemic transformed our lives and the travel landscape . Whether you ’ re eager to travel this year or are considering booking a trip further down the line , we ’ re here to help you . And this magazine is here to inspire you .
In this issue of Postcards , we take you on a socially distanced family road trip through Oregon , Washington , Idaho and Montana . We introduce you to the unique cuisine of Georgia – your mouth will be watering for flavorful khachapuri and khinkali . We also bring you to Bucharest , a hip city where beautiful parks coexist with brutalist architecture . And we share the top spots to visit in the idyllic South Pacific destination of French Polynesia . While some of these destinations may not be open to travelers now , we hope you will be inspired to add them to your list once the time is right .
No matter where you are in your vacation planning journey , you can rest assured that our agency will provide the most up-to-date and accurate travel information and expert advice . We ’ re here to help you make informed decisions so you can explore the world with confidence .
Happy Travels !