Postcards Summer 2020 US | Page 2

// WELCOME DEAR TRAVEL LOVER, As the world marches forward through these challenging times, and we begin, once again, to contemplate where we might travel to next, it’s time to ask yourself: why do you love to travel? Is it to experience different cultures and dive into their histories? To see epic natural wonders and exciting wildlife? To discover new flavors and fashions? Or to simply get away from it all and blissfully relax far from crowds? Whatever your reason, you’ll find a unique way to fulfill it inside this magazine. Simply turn the pages to read about Berlin’s history beyond it’s infamous wall, Jamaica’s delicious vegan cuisine, a rail journey through the Canadian Rockies, island-hopping across Hawaii and more. You’ll find a lot of reasons to travel inside these pages. There are also many reasons to call on our agency to make your next vacation perfect. With our extensive travel experience, personal contacts around the globe and wealth of travel planning knowledge, we’ll help you to embrace all the reasons you love to travel. Happy travels!