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Penny Ramey
Penny Ramey 706 490-1610 www . pennyramey . possrealty . com
A Q & A with Penny
Q . What ’ s your favorite Christmas memory ?
A . My Grandma , Flo Fulmer , had 10 children and our families all went to her house on Christmas eve . She gave every family a box with canned goods from her garden and cured meats from Grandpa Harvey ’ s farm . One of my fondest memories was when my mother ’ s brother Wendall Fulmer came home from Germany on leave from the Marines I was so happy he came home cause I was so sad when he shipped out to boot camp .
Q . Most memorable gift ?
A . Last year my daughter and son-in-law gave me a present and when I opened it I found an ultrasound photo to announce my grandson Tucker was on his way in July .

Penny ’ s career in Real Estate began in 1988 , when she was just 19 years old . Her love of buying and developing property started much earlier , around the age of nine . While sitting in the Mulberry Tree in her yard , she would dream about developing the town . She tried to convince her mom to buy a lot on the highway to put in a grocery store , because there was not one in her small town . Since then , she married into a family of four generations of builders . Ramey Builders has been building for over sixty years .

The smell of dirt being graded for a foundation and the sound of nails being hammered is what drives her . She is passionate about touring new homes on the market . She loves to meet new folks moving into town and telling them about her family and friends in Rabun County . She has a Degree from the Art Institute of Atlanta in Graphic Design , as well as , in Residential Planning . She can help you re-design a tired , old floor plan , or help you pick out the perfect spot to build your new home . She is not afraid to walk acres of property until she finds you exactly what you are dreaming about . In her spare time , she writes children ’ s stories and is the author and illustrator of the book , “ Rosey The Nosey Basset Hound .”
Her husband and best friend , David , is a Civil Engineer , who encourages her to pursue any project she desires . She is the proud mother of five wonderful daughters , one granddaughter Adalyn , and
one grandson on the way , named Tucker . If you want a Realtor who will work until she finds you what you are looking for , then don ’ t hesitate to call Penny Ramey
Penny ’ s Pecan Pie
( Preheat oven to 350 degrees )
1 C . Karo Syrup 1 / 2 C . White sugar 1 / 2 C . Brown sugar 1 / 4 C . real butter 3 Large eggs - beaten 2 C . Pecans Dash of salt Dash of cinnamon 1 Deep dish pie shell
Q . What was your part in the Christmas play ?
A . I played an alcoholic mother in the church play one year . Even though I don ’ t drink I was really good at her character and made people laugh . My husband played the Sheriff and we still laugh about it .
Pour all ingredients into a large bowl and then pout into pie shell and bake at 350 degrees for 55 minutes . Test the middle to be sure it is set up well and if not cook an additional 5 minutes .
Q . Do you go all out with the decorations or just simple ?
A . I love lights and keep some up on my back porch all year . I love simple homemade decorations . When we go on trips I always buy an ornament . When we put up the tree we remember the trips we took ,
Q . What is your family tradition ?
A . I have always bought my children new PJs and they open them on Christmas Eve . Now that my girls are married I buy for my son-in-laws too , they like it even more . Now they do selfies together . My daughter has carried this tradition on with my grandchildren .
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