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Tina Anzo
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Tina and her husband , Peter , discovered and fell in love with Rabun County 27 years ago and feel blessed to now call it home . Tina raised her two daughters in Atlanta , spending the summer in Rabun County , where the family enjoyed water sports , hiking , kayaking , boating and seeing friends . Both of Tina ’ s daughters attended and were counselors at Camp High Harbor .

Tina and her husband moved to Lake Burton full-time 12 years ago , when Peter redeveloped LaPrades marina . Tina came to manage the gift shop , boat and slip rentals until 2016 with the help of many full time Rabun County residents , as well as part time staff from Lake Burton homeowners children . The marina afforded her an incredible opportunity to develop close relationships with the residents of Lake Burton and Rabun County , many of whom she is proud to call clients and friends today .
With decades of knowledge and relationships in Rabun County , and a passion for people , real estate has been a natural fit for Tina . Tina joined the Poss Realty office two years ago , bringing her high energy , integrity , family values and above all , loyalty to her clients and colleagues .
When not selling real estate , Tina loves to spend time with her daughters , son-in-law , two precious grandsons and extended family .
“ I love what I do , and would love the opportunity to work for you !”
Tina ’ s favorite family tradition is making Baklava with my mom & dad growing up , subsequently with my daughters , Jenny & Alexis , and now with my two precious grandsons , Theo & Lucas !
Ingredients : 1 lb butter melted 2 lb Phyllo sheets defrosted
2 lbs walnuts & almonds chopped fine in food processor ( But not so fine that they get mushy ) 1 T cinnamon 5 Tbls . sugar Mix all ingredients together and set aside
SYRUP RECIPE 2 1 / 2 C . sugar and same amount of water Slices of one lemon & one large orange . Few cloves ( optional ) 2 cinnamon sticks 1 tsp . ground cinnamon
Bring all ingredients to a boil and then simmer for 2 hours or more to slightly thicken . Set aside
PREHEAT OVEN TO 350 degrees
Take large jelly roll pan , lightly brush with butter , line with parchment paper , lightly butter again . Begin layering one sheet of Phyllo at a time , lightly butter , and continue until 10 or 12 pieces on bottom . Spread 1 / 3 layer of nuts and place another 5 to 6 pieces of buttered Phyllo , another 1 / 3 layer of nuts , 5 to 6 more buttered sheets of Phyllo , and final 1 / 3 of nuts . Layer each lightly buttered remaining Phyllo sheets on top .
Place in freezer for 10 minutes , remove and with a sharp knife , cut baklava into diamond shaped pieces . Heat remaining butter until very hot and beginning to burn . Pour evenly over baklava and sprinkle top with few drops of ice water with your fingers and place in 350 degree oven for 30 minutes . Lower oven to 300 degrees and continue baking another hour or until lightly golden brown .***** Let cool to room temperature & reheat syrup mixture . Strain and pour evenly over cooled baklava . ( Add syrup according to how sweet you may like it ! Won ’ t necessarily use all .)
Cut all the way through and place in little paper pastry cups and ENJOY !!!! OPA !!!!!
*** TIP - So as not to get soggy , always add hot syrup to cold baklava or COLD syrup to HOT baklava . 6 www . possrealty . com
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