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Ronnie Owings
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For years , Ronnie ’ s family vacationed in Rabun County . In 2014 , Ronnie and his wife Kathy , made their first purchase in Clayton . Ronnie says , “ We really felt a weekend get-away was necessary to survive living 5 days a week in the hustle and bustle of Metro Atlanta ”. Last year , the Owings ’ made a permanent move to the Mountains , and have not had one regret .

Ronnie started his career working for the University of Georgia using his Family & Child Development degree . However , Ronnie ’ s artistic flare soon led him into career as a professional photographer . His images have been published internationally and featured regularly in such national publications as Better Homes and Gardens and Country Living . For years , Ronnie ’ s photography has been a favorite with Walt Disney World and could be seen on display at the Epcot Center . Among Ronnie ’ s favorite clients were Olympic Gold Medalist , Miss Americas , Romance Novel Models , and even The Robert F . Kennedy Family .
One of Ronnie ’ s favorite pastime is teaching Marketing to Professional Photographers . His expertise in Advertising / Marketing will be the very skills that are necessary in selling your home . In all of Ronnie ’ s travels as a photographer , he insists that there is no place like Rabun County .
Ronnie ’ s Favorite Christmas Gift
Eight years ago , we awoke Christmas morning to find snow on the ground . Our 22 year old son was visiting . He got up announcing that he would be back , he had something to do . Without any explanation , he was off in the snow ... missing the big breakfast that I had just fixed . It was one of those perfect opportunities , as a parent , to get upset . I had no idea what he was up to . I calmed down and tried to focus on the meaning of the day .
My son returned several hours later , telling me he had my Christmas gift in his truck . As I looked in the back , I remembered a conversation that my son and I had while driving down I-75 . I saw a vintage billboard that was falling down . I pointed to it and commented , “ I wish I had that ”. As a professional photographer , I have always loved finding unusual backgrounds to photograph people .
He got up Christmas morning with one thing in mind ; to get a meaningful gift for his dad . Isn ’ t it funny , the most meaningful gift I ever received , didn ’ t cost a thing ... and it will be remembered forever !
Molly Wilson ’ s Cheese Muffins
2 sticks very soft ( almost melted ) butter 1 C . sour cream 2 C . self rising flour 2 C . sharp cheddar cheese
Add ingredients in order , hand stirring after each one , in a big bowl . Spoon into a small muffin pan ( 1.5 ” muffins ) 3 / 4 full . Use Teflon ® coated pan or spray with floured no stick spray beforehand . Bake at 400 degrees 15-20 minutes or until the tops are brown .
Make four times as many as you have guests coming . They ’ re that good !!
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