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Kasie Hicks Campbell
Kasie Hicks Campbell 706-982-4770 www . kasiehickscampbell . possrealty . com
A Q & A with Kasie
Q . What is your favorite Christmas memory ? A . My church goes throughout the community in Scaly Mountain and sings Christmas carols every year & takes a freshly baked cake & some Christmas goodies to the elderly in the area . We ride in the back of a truck on hay bales & bundle up with blankets and scarves & hats . Caroling has been my favorite Christmastime event for years . The fellowship , the laughter , the singing , and the love of the Lord all wrapped up into a lot of beautiful memories . The smiles on the faces of the people we visit , and some tears of joy , too , always warm my heart . Afterwards we have hot chocolate & warm up . It ’ s a beautiful thing & special to me .
Q . Most memorable gift ( given or received )? A . When I was a kid , maybe 9 or 10 years old , I asked my Papaw what my Memaw needed for Christmas . He quickly replied “ a spark plug for her tiller !” and took me to buy one . Christmas morning rolled around and I was overjoyed to give Memaw her spark plug . When she opened it , looking confused and puzzled , I excitedly exclaimed : “ It ’ s a spark plug for your tiller ! Isn ’ t that just what you needed ?” Everyone laughed & I had no clue what was funny . I thought I had given her the best Christmas present ever . Haha . A memory I ’ ll never forget .
Q . Favorite Christmas Carol ? A . Oh Beautiful Star of Bethlehem
A . Your part in the Christmas Play ? Q . I ’ ve been the angel of the Lord & a heavenly host many times over the years , and once , in my younger days , I played Mary as well .
Rabun County native , born and raised in these mountains , Kasie ’ s roots run deep .

A She discovered that she wanted to invest in this county when she bought , renovated & sold her first home . After renovating 3 homes in the area , her real estate career was born .

Kasie wants nothing more than to help find , create and provide quality housing in this beautiful area and help people put down their own roots .
With a husband & child of her own now , she is even more passionate about the future of this community and preserving its economic growth , as well as its charm . She believes in investing in the place , and the people , that invested in her .
Whether you ’ re from around here , or have just moved in , she wants you to feel “ at home ” in these mountains .
Q . What is your family ’ s Christmas tradition ?
A . Waking up on Christmas morning we always go to my grandparent ’ s house . My Memaw and my aunts would cook the biggest breakfast you could imagine : bacon , eggs , sausage gravy , biscuits , the works . After eating breakfast we ’ d gather & open gifts . Just a simple time together with family . My Memaw passed away a few days after Christmas two years ago & now that she is gone it ’ s bittersweet for me to go there knowing she won ’ t be there , but when I look around at my family I see her in the faces of each of us , and I know she ’ s there in our hearts .
Kasie ’ s Mac n ’ Cheese
One box elbows ( boil 5 minutes ) 1 can Carnation evaporated milk 1 / 2 C . sour cream 2 eggs 1 C . milk 1 stick melted butter 1 / 2 C . half & half or heavy cream . 1.5 C . grated sharp cheddar cheese 1.5 C . grated mozzarella A squeeze of lemon juice Paprika Salt Pepper Onion powder Garlic powder
Q . All-Out Christmas decorations or Sweet and Simple ? A . I am guilty of going all out when it comes to decorations .
Mix all wet ingredients & seasonings in a large mixing bowl . Fold in semi-cooked elbow macaroni . Pour into a 9x13 baking dish & bake at 350 ° until golden brown & bubbly .
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