Positive about Change September 2013 - Page 6

Being Positive

about Change

A Message from Kathryn Yarborough

Creator of the Positive about Change E-magazine

In late July and early August, I took some time off to re-evaluate the direction of my work. I needed a break! During that time, I explored all kinds of things including what really matters to me and why I do what I do.

I became clear that my greater mission is to grow a community of people who are on a journey of accessing Oneness Consciousness. I decided to focus first on growing the Flowing with Change online

library which now has over 60 meditations, 2 personal growth workshops, and more on the way. I believe that I may be in the process of birthing an approach to this psychospiritual journey that includes an explanation of why we need to heal, awaken, and thrive to access Oneness Consciousness. I’ve included an article I wrote about it in this issue.

My intention is for this e-magazine to be a resource filled with inspiration,

encouragement, motivation, and

authenticity. Once again, I feel wonderful about the content of this month’s e-magazine. I hope you enjoy it. Make sure you subscribe so you can get it delivered to your email every month along with a few other emails from me with inspirational messages and opportunities you might be interested in.

If you have a positive story about change, don’t hesitate to contact me about it. Many blessings for a wonderful month.