Positive about Change September 2013 - Page 26

...ultimately shed all the layers of separation – for the sake of ourselves and all humans – including the great, great grandchildren. For most of us, this journey takes years or even lifetimes.

When we’re in separateness consciousness vs. oneness consciousness, we experience all kinds of suffering; we numb ourselves; and we have unfulfilled desires. Our hurts and woundings make up the layers of separation. The ways we numb ourselves keep the wall of separation intact. And our unfulfilled desires point toward what we really want and what life can be like when we are embodying Oneness Consciousness.

Healing, awakening, and thriving are the keys to shedding the layers of separation and accessing Oneness Consciousness completely. Daily practices like meditation, experiencing emotions, drinking water – to name just a few – help us to wear down the veils of separation and build up our inner capacity to break free from the pull of consensus reality’s belief in separateness consciousness.