Positive about Change September 2013 - Page 24



Healing, Awakening, Thriving

By Kathryn Yarborough

When I was in my early twenties I was blessed to have an awakening experience. It lasted for several days and while it was happening I perceived the world differently and I acted differently. I played in the rain. I spread mud on my body. I knew that everything was connected. I felt a little like I was losing my mind, but it was really cool and not frightening at all. My therapist at the time thought I was on drugs (which I wasn’t) because I was sort of buzzing.

It was my first experience with Oneness.

And though the non-ordinary state of consciousness didn’t last, my knowing that everything is One never left me.

Since that time – about thirty years ago – I’ve learned a lot. I now believe I had this experience because my “wall of separation” cracked and enabled me to experience Oneness consciousness. I believe that all (or nearly all) humans develop an energetic – mental – emotional – physical wall of separation as a result of their experiences from conception through childhood. With the wall of separation intact we experience ourselves as separate from everything else. And this leads to issues around control, power, victimization, poverty, loneliness… and quite honestly, I believe the wall of separation leads to all individual and collective pains, problems, or issues.

With Oneness Consciousness, we know that everything is connected.

Every action affects everyone and everything in all of existence. We experience a constant flow of giving and receiving on every level of our being. The more any one of us breaks down the wall of separation and sheds the veils underneath it, the more that person thinks, feels, and acts from the direct experience of Oneness Consciousness.

I believe that as each person does this – breaks through the wall of separation and embodies Oneness Consciousness – the likelihood that more of us will do it is greater… like a snowball effect. And I believe, based on things I’ve read and my own intuition, that when enough humans make this shift there will be a collective shift in our consciousness. After all… we are all connected. I believe that as, or when, this happens, we will individually and collectively start making different choices about things that affect us all – like energy resources, food, finances, and education – to name a few of our collective issues.