Positive about Change September 2013 - Page 20

Then I had some decisions to make. Was I going to continue to suffer? Would I have people in my life who were essentially adding to me being in the grave? Or was I willing to change? Could I embrace life? Was I able to be truthful to myself about everything and everyone in my life? Did I have the courage to stand in my truth? What would it require to flow with the beauty of life with all of its changes?

Before those answers came I had to grieve. I faced and let go of the lies and the ways I wanted it to be even if it wasn’t so. Tears are very healing; they wash us clean in a way. So I was completely vulnerable, raw. I learned that’s what it takes to start uncovering the real you.

I let go of people and unhealthy ways of being then started to follow what I felt was right and true for me. I found a therapeutic yoga teacher who helped me to completely heal my back. Deep listening to the prompting of my essence found me doing things that made me happy. I made the commitment to be fully alive.

Each day I see beauty and at the end of the day I offer gratitude. Life has become richer because most days I am able to see things with honesty and move with them. I am still learning and growing but I’m finally out of the grave. After all it’s pretty hard to bury someone who is standing up.

Shelly O’Connell, M.Div. is an author, artist and speaker engaging people in the discovery of their own wisdom. She offers workshops, teachings and books that uplift and celebrate each individual and the gifts that they bring. Connect with Shelly for additional information at: www.shellyoconnell.com.