Positive about Change September 2013 - Page 14

What You Don’t Feel CAN Hurt You

by Lane L. Cobb, CPCC, LMT

"When something within us is disowned, that which is disowned wreaks havoc."

Ralph H Blum & Susan Coughan

“What’s eating you?” Is a question we may ask someone who appears to be suffering. In fact, it’s a question we should be asking ourselves, because though we don’t know it, we are quite literally being eaten from the inside out when we don’t allow ourselves to fully experience our emotions. In metaphysical terms, fear, anger, guilt, and resentment are the key causes of both physical and emotional


It’s simple, really. Emotions are simply a form of energy that, if left unacknowledged or unexpressed, become stuck in the body and wreak havoc on our immune system, causing conditions such depression, chronic pain, or even cancer. In short, the brain may forget the traumas, grief and disappointments of our lives, but the body always remembers.

Yes, it takes courage to go within – to bypass the logic of the head, and tap into the wisdom of the heart. But it takes a lot more energy to store pain than it does to confront it. And, when we do, we are able to access our innate ability to heal ourselves, and in the process, open the door to joy, freedom, self-expression, purpose, peace of mind, and a zest for life you may have forgotten even existed. So what’s the answer? Any of these practices can help you on your way to spontaneous healing living an authentic and fulfilling life! Remember, the body always knows!