Positive about Change September 2013 - Page 12

And that started a long period of observing my own behavior and patiently changing my attitude towards myself. I discovered that when other people treat me badly in any way it is always because I carry that vibration in me as well. And I almost always directed against myself. And so I learned gradually how to identify and release the negativity and replace it with love and softness - towards myself. And of course, that was reflected back to me by everyone around me.

This has been

a powerful


and has

dissolved that


vibration that

used to keep

me separate

from "feeling

good." I have

come to see

that we really

are all one.

That what I do

to others, I do

to myself. And

what I do to myself, I do to others.

I believe that if we really want to change the world, this is a very simple place to start - in our own hearts. When we can recognize and let go of the harm we do to ourselves we allow everyone around us to relax. They all become softer and more loving, without our needing to say anything to them about it.

This is powerful knowledge - beautifully simple, logical and practical. The more we contemplate the truth that we are all one, the more we will come to the inevitable conclusion that being kind to others and hard on ourselves will never work. Let us treat ourselves and others with love.

Sarah McCrum is an energy coach, author and founder of Alkimea. She runs online group sessions 7 days a week, as well as courses, to help people turn their lives around, solve problems that appear insoluble and become brighter lights in the world. You can find out more and connect with Sarah at www.alkimea.co