Portsmouth City Guide 2020 2020 - Page 34

STUDENT HACKS TRAVEL Jump on the Uni bus - a circular route that stops in most areas of Southsea. Book your trains in advance and buy a railcard if you’re a regular user. STUDENT DISCOUNTS Sign up to UniDays, Totum and local student deals. Don’t forget to ask in the high street shops and local shops too. LOCAL BARGAINS 'You can find some really great bargains on eBay, local charity shops and Facebook Marketplace.' Danielle STUDY HACKS Instead of buying textbooks new, check the library first to see if they have a copy or digital version. Check if anyone is selling second hand on the Uni website, Amazon Marketplace, Facebook and Abebooks. MICROSOFT OFFICE The Uni offers lots of software that you can download as a student - port.ac.uk/appsanywhere 64 COFFEE ON THE GO Invest in a decent coffee cup and save money when buying from a café - most retailers discount your coffee when using your own cup. 65