Portsmouth City Guide 2020 2020 - Page 20

PORTSMOUTH 36 EVENING WALKS GROWN UP KIDS ‘With my friends on the beautifully lit streets, especially near Spinnaker Tower.’ PLAYZONE Diana ‘Adult nights, drinks, slides and friends, what more could you want?’ Maddi ARTS AND CRAFTS PHOTO WALKSHOPS STRONG ISLAND EXPLORE PORTSMOUTH AND SURROUNDING AREAS, WHILE HAVING THE OPPORTUNITY TO TRY NEW CAMERA TECHNIQUES – COMPOSITION, PERSPECTIVES AND THEMES. PLUS, MEETING SOME LIKE- MINDED PEOPLE WHO LOVE THE CITY AND ART. ‘Adult pottery painting at Artypotz Ceramics.’ Sorina ‘Paint Chill Co do cool art nights with a glass of your favourite. They’ve done loads of Southsea and Portsmouth iconic landmarks on their nights.’ Cia 37