Portfolio Naples November 2021 - Page 49

duration of the exhibition before finding their way to new homes among doting collectors . Jean Claude will also be making virtual appearances during the tour to reinvigorate the art community once again .
It all happens during a series of complimentary artist receptions , a jovial who ’ s who of the community set amidst the clinking of champagne glasses , immaculately crafted amuse bouche , and hum of elated conversations . Art is the topic of focus at these sophisticated affairs , but the exquisite locations where they ’ re hosted are just as inspiring . Each artist reception takes place within one of The Kessler Collection ’ s beautiful spaces , including the Mansion on Forsyth Park and nearby Plant Riverside District , two historic revitalization projects that have transformed Savannah ’ s landscape on a monumental scale , and the historic Casa Monica Resort & Spa along Florida ’ s Historic Coast .
Guests will enjoy the special opportunity to add Jean Claude ’ s latest masterpieces to their personal collections while experiencing Kessler ’ s unique properties firsthand . Each is decorated with luxurious accents and an impressive collection of historic treasures , commissioned art and charming oddities inspired by the locales in which they reside . In addition , private collectors and long-time admirers of Jean Claude ’ s work can also treat themselves to a twohour preview before each reception commences , where they can meet virtually with the artist for a glimpse behind the curtain at his inspiration and process . An RSVP is required for this exclusive portion of the event .
Jean Claude Roy ’ s 2021 tour is a true celebration of art , indulgence and curiosity ; traits owned by both Kessler and Roy . But it ’ s also a rebirth of what we ’ ve all missed in the world : the return of bespoke experiences , the opportunity to rub shoulders with like-minded individuals , to reignite passions and simply enjoy life ’ s masterpieces — both on canvas and out in the world .
Grand Bohemian Gallery , located in the Grand Bohemian Hotel Charleston Campagne en Juin vers St Sauvant
Grand Bohemian Gallery , located in the Plant Riverside District Soir Sur Aurel