Portfolio Naples November 2021 - Page 21

Intricately detailed cigar cutter and lighter , made by S . T . Dupont , Paris
In unison with the glasses , a magnificent Armagnac leather-lined bottle pannier is revealed . The ‘ RR ’ embellished holder can adapt to different bottle sizes , with the bottle held in place magnetically by a polished aluminium fastener , ensuring safe stowage of any one of the client ’ s preferred refreshments . At the opposing end is a humidor which , when opened , offers the user a cigar tray . Cigars are nestled in Spanish Cedarwood at the chosen humidity level for optimum enjoyment , a measure that is precisely monitored by a hygrometer . Featuring unique detailing , the hygrometer recalls the hands of the fabled Rolls-Royce clock .
Accompanying the humidor are the perfect accessories for the cigar enthusiast . Magnetically held at either end of the cassette are two smaller containers – one for an intricately detailed cigar cutter and lighter , made by S . T . Dupont , Paris , and engraved with the Spirit of Ecstasy Expression , and the other for an ashtray . To ensure compact transit , the ashtray ’ s cigar cradles extend only once the container is opened .
The Cellarette represents The House of Rolls-Royce ’ s commitment to producing the finest luxury products and experiences for its patrons , well beyond the confines of the automotive environment . Like any Rolls-Royce product , the Cellarette can be tailored to the client ’ s exact specification .
The Rolls-Royce Cellarette is available to acquire through Rolls-Royce dealerships , with prices starting from £ 40,570 excluding local taxes .