Portfolio Naples Collector's Issue 2020 - Page 73

PA S S I O N F O R A R T I S T RY AND SENSUOUS COLOR F E AT U R I N G T H E P H O T O G R A P H Y O F JA C K I E K R A M E R www.luvblooms.com. + northerndesigns22@hotmail.com Flowers and art have been an integral part of my life for as long as I can remem- ber. I marveled at flowers growing wild in nature and anxiously awaited the day my parents carved out a corner of the backyard for me to plant some seeds. I not hman fine art welcomes only grew them, I also painted them (with oils), I gave and received them, and ebrate with us our 36 th when I got my first camera in high school, I began photographing them. Many ne art and exhibitions. years later, I am still enamored with their colors, shapes, and life stages. They are ee our latest collection of small miracles which I never tire of; each with their own personality. The best thing 0 original paintings, to have come from my photography is the community of photographers, called bronze sculpture Phlorographers, from a group I started online five years ago. Now over 6,000 mem- ondon and Europe. bers have a place to share, inspire, and grow in a supportive environment built on h Ave S. I Naples, FL a platform of enriching each other in ways that extend beyond photography. These 239).649.8088 eenglishmanusa.com relationships have been a gift to all of us and that’s what I’d like for people to feel subconsciously when they experience my visual imagery. PORTFOLIO MAGAZINE 71