Portfolio Naples Collector's Issue 2020 - Page 47

Photography : CARLOS DOMENECH UNDERWATER WWW.CARLOSDOMENECHPHOTOGRAPHER.COM + CARLOSMDOMENECH@GMAIL.COM The Underwater series has been in the making since 2005 and still going.The inspiration came from the Mas- ters who I studied in school, such as Edward Weston, Imogen Cunningham, Robert Mapplethorpe to name a few.These subjects were partially submerged in water. For Carlos Domenech these images document a long and difficult journey towards an unpublished vision of objects, a road that penetrates the real, reaching beyond the apparent, subjacent forms, to the true essence of those very objects, and close to their nature. The photo- graphs demonstrate that beauty is essential and not ac- cidental; it is aid, the eye explores, individualizes, edits and focuses, all operations that with the help of intuition and talent, lead to forms that are different to visualize, know and comprehend. The series indicate an alterna- tive, original way to understand photography’s role in a world invaded by a myriad of images. Giorgio Antei, Critic PORTFOLIO MAGAZINE 45