Portfolio Naples Collector's Issue 2020 - Page 33

HAROLD ROSS SCULPTING WITH LIGHT WWW.HAROLDROSSFINEART.COM + HAROLD@HAROLDROSSFINEART.COM THE FORGED SERIES Harold Ross has been perfecting his photographic method, which he refers to as “Sculpting with Light”, for 30 years. Harold meticulously “paints” the light onto the subject over time in a dark environment. It’s a process that requires some time, and therefore allows him to explore the nuances and simple beauty in everyday objects. Harold says about his “Forged” series: These images are, in a sense, portraits of machines and tools, functional objects that to me, have a quiet, iconic presence. My grandfather, a Swiss blacksmith, taught me how to create with steel, and in doing so, I gained a reverence for the men and women who forged our past and our present using these ma- chines and tools. PORTFOLIO MAGAZINE 31