Portfolio Naples Collector's Issue 2020 - Page 3

WE E HAV A V E YOU U COV VERED FRO M SMAL LL TO LARG GE... BEA ACH TO GOL LF. With ov ver 28 years of experie nce from Po ach ort Royal to Bonita Bea ach, no on e sells luxury better th an T Bua Bell Group. The F r om eve v ery e r y closin i ng we w e donate t e t o a local chari r ity t y . EMILY K K. BUA A TADE BUA-B ELL ESTATE AGENT BROKER ASSOCIATE E com emily@johnrwood.c     tade@johnrwood.c com 239.595.0097 mobil le buabellsellsna aples.com Naples Em i ly K K. . B u a | T Ta a de B u a - Be l l T O P % 1