Portfolio Naples Collector's Issue 2020 - Page 139

EMILIO “SONNY” VERGARA IMAGE-MAKING TO A HIGHER PLANE W EBSITE : www.skyshadowphotography.com G ALLERY : skyshadowphotograpjhy.blogspot.com F ACEBOOK : www.facebook.com/emilio.s.vergara The pastime and business of photography is changing. Advancing cellphone and camera technology is empow- ering even the most casual image-maker to create incred- ibly beautiful photographs. Serious photographers, therefore, will need to take the business of image-making to a higher plane. It appears to me, the art of photogra- phy, i.e., not the technology of photography, will become once again the renewed challenge and fulfillment of the true photographer’s heart. PORTFOLIO MAGAZINE 137