Portfolio Naples Collector's Issue 2020 - Page 117

“Our eyes are merely a tunnel from the physical world to the mind. As simple as that may sound, this a complex task for the mind. Finding beauty in anything is only as difficult as what we consider to be beautiful. As emotional beings, our eyes, mind and heart work as a single entity when interpreting art. Although we may see an image that is not visually ap- pealing, we can see and feel its energy. There’s a true sense of power in its existence. The longer you look, the more details start to emerge. The colors become more vibrant, the lines sharper, the contrast more distinct and the subjects within their environment are simply captivating. You began to see the true beauty within the image. You began to see what the artist saw. You began to feel what the artist felt. You are blissfully creating a visual bond with the artist and the image. This is what I consider to be beautiful. This is what I consider to be art.” PORTFOLIO MAGAZINE 115