Portfolio Naples Collector's Issue 2020 - Page 107

ENCHANTMENTS Julian Dimock’s Photographs of Southwest Florida Between 1904 and 1913, Julian Dimock and his father, A. W. Dimock, traveled through southwest Florida taking pictures and writing stories about their adventures. During those ten years, they made at least ten trips to the area, often spending several months at a time. Above: The Dimocks first experienced tarpon fishing while on the Homosassa River (on the Gulf coast about 165 miles north of Fort Myers) at least several years prior to 1904. A. W. took to the sport like a duck to water. The Book of the Tarpon, which he published in 1911 with ninety-three of Julian’s photographs, is a classic on the subject and is still in print today. Julian, in his own book, Outdoor Photography, and in a 1907 article, “Photographing Tarpon,” explains how one photographs leaping tarpon (the answer is: it’s not easy). In all, Julian took almost five hundred photographs of tarpon fishing. Together father and son provided the standard references for catching and photographing Florida tarpon. This tarpon was caught with a fly rod from a canoe on Barron River (then called Allen’s River) in the Ten Thousand Islands. September 5, 1908, 47394. Opposite page: In September 1906, the Dimocks sailed north into Pine Island Sound and Charlotte Harbor, then continued up the Myakka River. When overhanging tree limbs prevented them from going farther upriver, they anchored the Irene, unloaded a canoe and the small motorboat, and continued upstream. The Dimocks’ exploration of the river is recorded in an article by A. W. published in 1907, “An Overlooked River in Florida.” September 23, 1906; 48404. PORTFOLIO MAGAZINE 105