NOTE : If installing with ornamental capitals , we suggest that you trim / install column shaft first , then slide capital in place rather than trying to attach the capital to the shaft . Also , split columns are not load bearing , and when used as pilasters they must have room to shift for expansion , building settling , etc .
1 . Measure the exact height at the location the column is to be installed . Be sure to include any draft angle your installation requires . COLUMN SHOULD BE TRIMMED TO 1 / 4 ” or 1 / 2 ” LESS THAN EXACT HEIGHT . ( The Tuscan or Roman Doric cap will cover the gap so it won ’ t be visible .) 2 . Transfer these measurements to the column . Any excess must be trimmed from the bottom of the column . 3 . Set column shaft in place temporarily , and scribe shaft to fit building wall correctly . This must be done to ensure a close fit without gaps where the column shaft engages the wall . 4 . Install L-brackets on each side of the column , two on the bottom and two on the top ( if using Tuscan or Roman
Doric caps ). Pre-drill the column to insert the bolts and do not over tighten the nuts as the column may fracture . 5 . For columns with ornamental capitals , it may be necessary to attach blocking on the building wall to which the column will be attached , both at the top of the shaft , and where the capital will be installed ( Diagram A on reverse ). For tall columns , blocking may be permissible at the mid-point of the shaft ( Diagram B on reverse ). a . Blocking used is typically 2x4 pressure-treated lumber , about 4 ” long . b . Set column in place temporarily . Trace the outside edges of the column where blocking will be attached , and mark that location on the shaft as well . Remove shaft . c .
Pre-drill and countersink holes in the column shaft at locations marked in step 4a ( only one screw per block .) Screw holes should be enough bigger than the screws to allow for column expansion and building settling . d . Measure thickness of shaft at the pre-drilled holes . Allowing for the shaft thickness as measured , and the curve of the shaft ( round columns ) and about 1 / 8 ” free space , attach blocks with two non-corrosive screws . e . Set column in place over blocking . Column should not be tight - if it is , remove column and adjust blocking so there is about 1 / 8 ” free space . ( Column shafts may expand / contract with temperature changes .) Attach with non-corrosive screws . DO NOT OVER-TIGHTEN SCREWS .
6 . Attach angle brackets at bottom of column with Tapcon screws , and if using Tuscan or Roman Doric caps , attach top of column angle brackets with wood screws . ( If using decorative capitals , see separate installation instructions . Capitals may be pre-drilled / countersunk and attached to blocks just like the shaft instructions in step 5 .)
7 . Flash cap or capital if necessary *. Apply construction adhesive to the top and back of the cap . For Tuscan and Roman Doric caps , push the cap up against the ceiling surface and flush with wall . If using ornamental capitals , attach to blocking ( if used ). Apply construction adhesive to the bottom and back of the base . Push the base down against the floor surface and flush with wall .
8 . Use premium quality paintable latex caulk to finish any visible holes where screws were installed . Caulk the joint between the cap and the column shaft and the joint between the base and the shaft . Caulk along edges of shaft where it engages the wall . ( Be sure your caulk is compatible with the paint you will be using .)
9 . Column must be painted . Follow the recommended procedure on the instruction sheet included with the cap and base .
* If this column is installed where it could collect water or debris , the top of the column and cap MUST be flashed ( covered ) to prevent such collection . Use lead , copper , aluminum , galvanized , etc . flashing cut slightly larger than the cap , and fold the edges down over the top of the cap during step 6 . It is not permissible at any time to fill the interior of the column shaft with sand , concrete or any other material .
Turncraft does not provide a warranty on split columns .
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