Attaching Railing to Turncraft ® Poly-Classic ® Columns
This illustration shows the typical method of attaching railing to FRP Poly‐Classic columns . Use of a toggle bolt is best , since Installing screws into FRP column shafts is not recommended and could void your warranty .
1 ) Trace the curve of the column at the point where rail is to be attached . Use of a contour gauge is helpful , or cut a cardboard template until an accurate fit is achieved .
2 ) Copy the traced curve to the end of the rail which will be attached to the column . 3 ) Carefully cope the end of the rail to match the curve , ensuring an attractive fit . 4 ) Attach the angle bracket to the bottom of the railing using non‐corrosive wood screws .
5 ) With rail positioned at the correct height , mark the column where the hole will need to be drilled ( bottom hole in angle bracket ).
6 ) Drill pilot hole in column just large enough to allow toggle bolt to be inserted .
7 ) Attach toggle bolt to angle bracket ; place rail and insert toggle through pilot hole and affix . Do not over‐tighten ! The toggle bolt will spread any force applied over a wide area of the inside of the column .
Note : the optional stabilizer screw is not included in the # 71758 kit . It would be used to prevent rotation of the rail . The screw is installed in the end of the rail , leaving the head protruding . The screw head location is marked on the column , and a hole is drilled into which the screw head will fit . When the rail is attached , the screw head is inside the hole , preventing the rail from rotating .
For attaching railing at the base of the column , you may wish to use our TimeSaver Rail Adapter Brackets , which are coped to match the Tuscan base profile , and come in standard and tall sizes to fit most available railing systems .