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Music Everyone is encouraged to get involved with music and perform. Whether they’re enthusiasts or experts, soloists or happier in a group, they have every opportunity to express themselves through music. Hundreds of instrumental lessons are taught each week. Specialist instrumental teachers help our staff to nurture individual talent. We have a strong tradition of musical performance, with a comprehensive programme of concerts at both schools and each term pupils take practical examinations in a wide range of instruments. Music is central to the curriculum across the Pre-Prep and Prep School. Children have the chance to learn many instruments, audition for the choir and join various music ensembles, as well as a wide range of co-curricular music clubs. Everyone studies music for the first two years of Senior School and although it then becomes optional, the breadth and strength of co-curricular opportunity means most students continue to engage with music through one of our many music ensembles, our thriving student-led Musical Theatre Society or the popular annual House Music Festival. “I’ve gained so much confidence from taking part in lots of different musical events.” 22