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Our core values of Courage, Truth and Trust are embedded in every aspect of school life to sustain, inspire and galvanise the whole community. Pupils discover how aspiration and resilience will propel them forward, a curious and reflective mind will enable them to make a difference, and collaboration and compassion will help them become valued members of any society. COURAGE TRUTH TRUST Resilience Persevere with things I find difficult, seeing mistakes as an essential part of the learning process. Creativity Think flexibly, forming my own ideas, trying different approaches and applying what I have learned to new situations. Compassion Be kind and respectful of the skill, talents and viewpoints of others and celebrate their successes. Integrity Have the confidence to behave truthfully and honestly, treating others fairly and completing tasks to the best of my ability. Reflection Consider information from a range of reliable sources to draw reasoned conclusions and reflect on what I have learned. Commitment Play an active part in the school community, participating in a range of activities. Aspiration Work with motivation and increasing independence, setting myself high standards and taking pride in my work. Enquiry Be curious about the world around me, asking questions to develop my understanding and solve problems. Collaboration Work effectively with staff and pupils, and use their support to help me make progress. “A world of possibilities for every child, inspiring a love of learning and building the courage to embrace every opportunity.” 19