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Academic Our aim is to instil a lifelong love of learning through an excellent all-round education. Pupils enjoy a varied, exciting and challenging curriculum, small class sizes, and lessons that ignite curiosity and prompt debate. Our individually-focused, creative classroom environment begins at Pre-Prep and Prep School. Engaging cross-curricular topics motivate children to make connections and ask questions. Pupils don’t take SATs, so are free to develop academically without external restriction or pressure. Everyone progresses at their own pace, with teachers providing extra support where necessary, as well as nurturing early talent. The Senior School continues to feed inquiring minds with a broad and stimulating curriculum to widen pupils’ intellectual and cultural horizons. Students are encouraged to take control of their own learning, to feel comfortable taking risks and see mistakes as part of the journey of discovery. Critical and imaginative thought is promoted and pupils are expected to stretch themselves within a supportive atmosphere. As they progress to external examinations, students receive individual help and advice as they select subjects best fitted to their interests and aptitudes. Every child’s academic profile is unique – we stretch our most able pupils to ensure they remain happy, stimulated and challenged as well as providing support for specific learning difficulties. “Dedicated and experienced staff work closely with every child to build confidence and independent learning skills.” 15