PMIEF Annual Report 2015 - Page 6

PM Capable Nonprofits: Magnifying the Power of Nonprofits and Non-Governmental Organizations DISASTER MANAGEMENT GRANTS INITIATIVE (DMGI) Launched in 2015, DMGI delivered project management training to disaster management/humanitarian organizations to support their thoughtful application of that training to their work. The foundation asked a select group of organizations to identify specific challenges with which they contend and to envision ways project management would help them mitigate, if not overcome, these issues. We gave particular consideration to organizations that lead activities related to disaster risk reduction, preparation, response, recovery and reconstruction, which resulted in awarding three grants totaling US $334,817. We awarded grants to American Red Cross, Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere (CARE) USA, and Plan International. In addition to grant funds, PMIEF supports each of these organizations by providing a project management expert to provide technical assistance as they apply project management to their work. The foundation is also commissioning an external evaluation of DMGI to inform our future efforts on behalf of the disaster management/ humanitarian sector. DONATED TRAINING SUPPORTS NONPROFIT INITIATIVES Thanks to the ongoing generosity of John Patton, PMP, Chair, Cadence Management Corporation, each DMGI organization received in-person, project management training (85 professionals in total). In addition, another 28 representatives of the PMIEF Project Learning Network (PLN) received their own training. The market value of Cadence Management Corporation’s generous in-kind training donation for both DMGI and the PLN totaled $113,000. In addition, OSP International provided virtual project management training to representatives of nonprofits that deliver direct services in communities throughout the globe. 5