PMIEF Annual Report 2015 - Page 11

Programs for Social Good the Globe PMI Portugal Chapter bal chapters, inspiring those chapters’ volunteers to use their communities. By delivering project management training aff, these chapters support PMIEF in transforming g people’s potential. ment training is being delivered to people across the map by PMI Chapters. Support teachers in using a PMIEF resource in their primary school classrooms. After the pilot program, the chapter developed an additional resource to help future chapter volunteers better support the school. PMI Poland Chapter Use PMIEF resources to augment chapter members’ expertise in the delivery of project management training during a summer camp experience for underprivileged youth. PMI Jordan Chapter Create a project management training course to be delivered through Edraak, an online open-course platform. PMI Singapore Chapter PMI Pearl City Chapter Work with a national youth organization (nEbO – nobody Enjoys being Ordinary) empowering youth to be work-ready, world-ready, and life-ready. The organization uses a PMIEF no-cost resource to incorporate project management into the existing program. Incorporate project management as a pillar of its Student Leadership Competency Building Program. The program, which has reached over 7000 students to date, focuses on preparing youth for career readiness in a variety of industries. PMI Nigeria Chapter Deliver a “Project Management Boot Camp” at the local nonprofit, Prolifik. Youth learn project management through games and lectures and are encouraged to apply these skills to their in-school curricula. LEGEND PMI Chapters Highlighted PMI Chapters with Liaisons 10