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JUNE2020 CONTENTS 4 HOME SCHOOLED: BIL CONTINUES THE “TRAINING THEME” BY DETAILING HOW HE’S KEPT HIS GAME UP TO PAR IN ISOLATION; TWO MONTHS IN AND IT’S GETTING TOUGHER! 10 RED GUNS AND SIRT: TRAMPAS KICKS OFF OUR “ISOLATION ISSUE” WITH A CLOSE LOOK AT TRAINING TOOLS AND HOW THEY CAN BE PUT TO BEST EFFECT 15 EDITORS COMMENT 16 GEAR ON TEST: “GEAR FOR THE GOOD GUYS” COURTESY OF THE PMCI TEAM 20 GEAR: HELIKON-TEX: THE LATEST TACTICAL CLOTHING RELEASES FROM HELIKON-TEX UNDER THE SPOTLIGHT 24 TACTICAL INNOVATION: READY TACTICAL: TRAMPAS HAS BEEN LIVING WITH THE LATEST SLING DEVELOPMENTS FROM READY TACTICAL AND NOW BRINGS IN HIS EVALUATION 28 TECH: SIGHT CARDS: NEED AN EXTRA “HELPING HAND” FOR YOUR RANGE TRAINING? PMCI HAS JUST THE THING! 32 FIREARMS: SPEC OPS .22 BUILD: HOW EFFECTIVE CAN THE HUMBLE .22 ROUND BE “IN THE WILD”; TRAMPAS PUTS TOGETHER A VERY SPECIAL RIFLE TO HIGHLIGHT JUST HOW AND WHERE THIS CAN BE EFFECTIVE 36 FIREARMS: SIG LEGION XFIVE P320: ON THE RANGE WITH THE XFIVE, A DEPARTURE FROM THE TRADITIONAL HAMMER AND SEAR MODELS IN FAVOUR OF A STRIKER FIRE DESIGN FROM SIG! 40 KNIVES AND TOOLS: SKALLYWAG D2 DAGGER: SMALL BUT OH, SO DEADLY! WE TAKE A LOOK AT THE LATEST CREATION FROM CAP’N CRAIG AND HIS CREW AT SKALLYWAG TACTICAL 44 TOOLS OF THE TRADE: AMERICAN SPEEDLOADER: SEEN AT SHOT AND NOW TESTED, AMERICAN SPEEDLOADER PRODUCTS OFFER SHOOTERS A QUICK AND STRAIGHTFORWARD WAY TO LOAD MAGAZINES 46 6MM TRAINING: RAVEN “1911” HICAPPA GAS PISTOL: CONTINUING TO SHOWCASE THE BEST OF THE 6MM TRAINING WORLD, BILL LOOKS AT ONE OF THE TOOLS HE’S BEEN USING IN ISOLATION THAT SHOWS BOTH INNOVATION AND NEW DIRECTIONS IN DESIGN! 49 BOOK REVIEW: “THE CIA WAR IN KURDISTAN: THE UNTOLD STORY OF THE NORTHERN FRONT IN THE IRAQ WAR” 50 INDUSTRY VACANCIES: LOOKING FOR WORK? JUST CHECK HERE. Copyright © Calibre Publishing 2020. All rights are reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise without the express permission of the publisher in writing. The opinion of the writers do not necessarily reflect those of the publisher. The Editors reserve the right to edit submissions prior to publication. Thank you for downloading this Edition of PMCI, the FREE digital publication dedicated to PMC Operatives. PMCI is written by individuals with first-hand knowledge and experience of the subject they write about - and all of whom have an intimate understanding of what the role entails and the day to day challenges faced by those working in this industry. Editor (UK): Bill Thomas Deputy Ed (USA): Trampas Swanson Graphic Design: Baz Thakur/ Deadshot Design Publisher: Nigel Streeter Cover pic: SMG PMCI magazine is a digital-only publication available FREE OF CHARGE via the PMCI App on a wide range of digital platforms, including iOS, Android and Windows. For more information, visit www.pocketmags. com and search “PMCI”. PMCI can also be read online at:, and Calibre Publishing Limited Wyche Innovation Centre, Walwyn Road, Upper Colwall, Malvern, Worcestershire, WR13 6PL Tel: 01684 878 003 Web: ©Calibre Publishing Limited 2019 Letter, idea or question? Got something to say? A question for our experts? An article or article idea? Drop us a line and let us know. Either email the editor ([email protected]), write to us at the Calibre Publishing address above, or talk to us on Twitter or Facebook. PMCI will provide a platform to review and discuss the things to matter to all of us, such personal equipment, training, employment and lifestylestyle management - and these are also our core fundamentals. We hope you enjoy this Edition of PMCI and if you have any feedback or comments, or would like to contrubute to future issues, please let us know by email to: [email protected] 2