PLUS MODEL MAGAZINE March 2015 Issue | Page 78

MODEL journey … our interview with cover model MONIQUE robinson Interview by Madeline Jones The journey from aspiring model to working model is not an easy one. Monique Robinson knows all too well about the reality of pursuing a modeling career. This month our cover model shares her journey with us; we hope her journey will inspire many of our readers who are looking to enter the plus size modeling industry. How did you get started in the modeling industry? I was late for work and decided to stop at a convenience store to pick up some snacks to get me through my shift. This guy walks up to me talking to someone on the other end of the phone. He says, looking at me but talking to the person on the phone, “I know you’re looking for models, and I’m standing in front of this beautiful girl that I think would be great.” Then this stranger hands me his cell phone! I looked over at the woman he was with and she nodded her head in a “yes” motion,