PLUS MODEL MAGAZINE March 2015 Issue | Page 106

101 modeling Madeline Jones took to Instagram to answer your most important modeling questions! adriana_arabgreek asks... How does one market themselves? I am in the process of making a portfolio. How do I get my name and pictures in the right hands? The first thing you need to do is research. Get a pen and paper and get on the Internet and visit all of the agencies in your area who work with plus size models and commercial models. Then add local designers. Once you have done this, sign yourself up for blogs that release information about the happenings in the plus size industry like, and several others. The way to get your pictures in the right hands is going to take work and perseverance. You will have to type up and print a simple letter introducing yourself, along with your true height and dress size. If you are able to have someone measure you, include your bust, waist and hip measurement. You should include one headshot and one body shot. Your images are important, you should have simple makeup and you should be wearing a color top with either jeans or leggings so the people receiving your pictures can see your shape. After you have done this mailing, you should enter to be in events that are happening, like model searches, FFFWEEK, Plus Night Out, etc. These experiences will not only help you to navigate and learn the ropes, but also meet people in the indust ry that can help your career. Always carry your