PLUS MODEL MAGAZINE July 2015, the 9th Anniversary Issue - Page 74

Catherine Norman IG @hourglasscath The plus size fashion has steadily grown in recent years into an industry all its own - we have so many more brands at our disposal, which has opened up the opportunity to dress just as fashionably, if not more, than ever before. I know I am not the only one to say that I am so grateful for the strides the plus size fashion industry and community have taken to fight for equal rights when it comes to clothing! In my opinion, a large part about how we feel/view ourselves is connected to how we dress; it’s a lot of people’s first impression and it can impact our confidence. When I step out of the house in the morning in a great pair of jeans and a fitted blazer that were made to fit someone my size - I feel like I can take on the world. I feel put together, organized and confident. I never want to go back to the girl in elementary school who cried when she went shopping because they didn’t have pants available that fit her, and I never want anyone else to feel that way.