PLUS MODEL MAGAZINE July 2015, the 9th Anniversary Issue - Page 33

RESULTS In the June issue of PMM, I asked... How Much Would You Pay for a Well-fitting, On-trend Swimsuit? Here Are a Few of My Favorite Comments... Laurie G. I’m not a beach person really asI always feel uncomfortable in a swimsuit... so would be happy to find one to change my mind! Liz C. I’m not so concerned over the price tag...I want a suit that will flatter my curves, enhance my best features, while still holding in the parts of my body that I’m not so confident about. Emily T. A well fitting bathing suit is all a girl needs to boost her confidence. Sometimes you have to pay more, but they can last for awhile! Diane P. One word for us full figured women: UNDERWIRE!!! LM I’d pay more for a suit that lasted more than a few months when used for swimming a few times a week. Quality and function is more important to me than on-trend. Amber O. I love well-fitting swimwear but it is something so hard to find for me. I will never spend more than $60 because I can’t be wasting money on something that may or may not fit well. Alnita M. Although a good suit is hard to find, when you find a stylish and comfortable one--you go for it! Please Take This Month’s Survey >>