PLUS MODEL MAGAZINE July 2015, the 9th Anniversary Issue - Page 25

Valery Amador PMM Executive Director & Co-Founder of PLUS Model Magazine Twitter/IG @valeryvie I met the love of my life online back in 1996 (before online dating ever existed), and we have been together ever since living ‘happily ever after’ in the great NW. We celebrated my 50th Birthday in the 50th State. Reah Norman PMM Executive Fashion Director Marcy Cruz PMM Blog Editor TW @marcy718 / IG @marcyc19 Pinterest @marcycruz / Snapchat @mcnyc19 I have a master’s degree in forensic psychology and at one time, wanted to be an FBI agent like Clarice Starling from Silence of the Lambs. And I got my start in blogging as a reality TV blogger on a vbulletin messageboard in 2000. I love me some Survivor! #plusmodelmag with everything 90’s. 07.15 Most people don’t know that I collect coffee table books and I am obsessed inspiration + style IG @styledbyreah / TW @reahnorman