PLUS MODEL MAGAZINE July 2015, the 9th Anniversary Issue - Page 21

grow and be sensitive to the changing climate in the industry. We owe so much to the plus size fashion bloggers and industry experts who have continually supported us. By attending all of our events and continuing to support us with their time and expertise, they have shown us how dedicated they are to us and inspiring plus size women overall. Last but not least, I want to give special thanks to my business partner Valery Amador, which many of you think I made up, lol… No, she’s very much real and is a HUGE part of the success of this publication. Through her given the plus size woman a voice as well as a place to feel validated. We have found a way to navigate inside of the rigid restrictions of the industry, while opening up doors for the community and sometimes facilitating unions between companies that will benefit the greater good. PMM is not about ME, or our staff, or our beautiful imagery. PLUS Model Magazine is created every month because we want to continue to support you, the plus size woman. Thank you all for your continued support. #plusmodelmag of is that PMM is more than an online publication. We have created a platform where we have 07.15 Publishing an online publication in today’s virtual age is pretty simple, but what I’m most proud inspiration + style expertise and support, I have become who I am today in the plus size industry.