PLUS MODEL MAGAZINE July 2015, the 9th Anniversary Issue - Page 130

#3 ARE YOU MODEL READY? I will share this story with you. There was an aspiring model that we worked with many years ago. Her social media read as if she was an undiscovered talent and was just not being given the opportunities. Long story short, when she was put in front of the camera she realized she was not as prepared as she thought she was. See, she thought it was all about having fun and being sexy on set. When you are working for a client, you are shooting what THEY want you to do. You are selling a story, clothing or a concept. A few minutes in and she was asking for poses and saying she “ran out of poses”, then 07.15 #plusmodelmag inspiration + style she asked for a mirror so she could see herself while we were shooting. Clearly none of this stuff was done to accommodate her and she learned a very tough lesson that day. Modeling is a business, it’s not about YOU, and it’s about the business of selling clothing. As a model you need to be ready both physically and mentally. You may be asked to model 40 garments in one day; this could be a ten hour day, on your feet, in heels. You may be outdoors in the heat, or in the cold, you may have to wear shoes that are too small for you, or clothing that is pinned to your body where you can hardly move. Can you make it work? Can you maintain a good attitude when you are tired and all eyes are on you? This is what it means to be physically or mentally ready for a modeling career.