PLUS MODEL MAGAZINE July 2015, the 9th Anniversary Issue | Page 136

I love how sexy these women are through their style. They really know what works for their curves and they run with it! There are so many women who inspire me, but these ladies have always displayed such a great confidence and sense of not only style, but a sense of self. I think that is really important, especially in this industry. What is the plus industry like in your hometown? The plus size industry in Chicago is in its beginning state. I wouldn’t say that it is non-existent, but there is no comparison to New York or Los Angeles. With time, I think Chicago can get to that level but, for now, its growing. Finish this sentence... The plus industry is: Making its voice heard! I am so excited about all the plus size buzz that has been going on. What’s so funny is that the world acts like ‘plus size’ is some kind of new ‘trend’, when really we were here the whole time. Only now it’s time we take our seat in the spotlight. It really is exhilarating to be taking part in this shift in the fashion industry!