PLUS MODEL MAGAZINE January 2016 Issue | Page 85

Aside from her, I’d say Jennifer Buckingham of Model Radical, Precious Victoria Lee, and Katana Fatale. These women are all so insanely stunning, and even though their styles vary, I love following them on Instagram for style, and artistic inspiration! What is the plus industry like in your hometown? Honestly, there’s not much of it. Salt Lake City is an incredible place to be artistically. We have a huge talent base here when it comes to photographers, make-up artists, hair stylists, wardrobe stylists, and even models. But the plus industry is lacking. My agent works incredibly hard to market me and get the word out to local businesses that the plus industry is not only booming, but it’s necessary. I have a handful of local clients, which I’m so grateful for. And even though the plus industry is slow here, it’s starting to come into the light with people talking about it. I never shy away from letting others know what I do. I love to model, and in order for my dreams to come true, I can’t keep it to myself. I have to let it out and share it with anyone I come across, because you never know who your next client could be! Finish this sentence... The plus industry is: Changing the world’s body image perspective! Because of our current culture’s desire for body positivity and body equality, this industry is BOOMING! It’s been incredible to watch plus models, bloggers, and curvy women within the entertainment business thrive and have such success in the past couple years alone. But most importantly, it’s been amazing seeing people’s perspectives on body image change for the better. Growing up, it was all about losing weight and the key to being happy was being thin. But now it’s about unapologetically loving who you are right now and being happy no matter what. You CAN be plus size and happy. You CAN be plus size and fashionable. You CAN be plus size and sexy! You have one life to live so why waste your days,