PLUS MODEL MAGAZINE January 2016 Issue | Page 74

3. Hit the pavement: Go to open calls and castings. Have you entered a model search? Some of the most popular models are former model search winners or participants. You have to be where the people in power are. If there are fashion shows in your area, attend the show and make sure to connect with at least five people. Are you attending workshops, webinars or runway bootcamps? if not, run don’t walk. The amount of information you will learn is priceless. 4. Are you model ready? Models work out, take care of their hair, skin and nails on a consistent basis. They are always ready for any last minute bookings. Do you have a models bag ready? If you received an offer, would you be ready to walk out to a job in 24 hours? This is what it means to be model ready. Clients don’t always give you much prep time, don’t lose out on a job because you are currently sporting purple hair and they want the girl in the pictures. 5. Positive Vibes Only: Models must have tough skin. You may experience many “you are not right for this job” before you get one “Yes”. Talking about prospective clients, people in the industry or other models is a bad idea. Keep it professional, support those that are working in the industry, your day will come. The industry is very small and once things are said, their is a chance that someone will repeat it. It’s best to keep positive and confide in your mentor, family member or counselor. For plus size modeling information, click to visit the PMM Blog.