PLUS MODEL MAGAZINE January 2016 Issue | Page 62

schedule in some alone time. I’m such an introvert and if I didn’t have time to read my books and watch crappy reality TV, I would go insane. Balance is always key. Find out what it takes to maintain your balance. You are a full time blogger/vlogger. Do you have any advice for aspiring bloggers that may be struggling to find their own identity online? It took me to long to find out what I really wanted to focus on with my blog and YouTube channel. I’ve blogged about everything from frozen lasagna, to Rogaine, to losing my virginity. Just try everything. Eventually, you’ll find something that you are good at AND you enjoy doing. I never planned to talk about sex or my trials as a fat girl on the Internet… but it felt so natural and my audience really responded to it. Find your niche, and when that niche stops feeling authentic, move on to something else. There’s nothing wrong with a little change. Through the ups and downs of life, what are you most grateful for and why? I’m grateful that I get to make my living by helping other young women feel good about themselves and lead fulfilling lives. I get to stay home with my two kids and spend my time raising them instead of wasting away at a job I hate. I lead a very fortunate life and if you’d told me two years ago, when I became a single mother, that I would be leading such an amazing life – I wouldn’t have believed it. I’m most grateful for the love and support of my fans, because without them I would be leading a totally different life. Follow Sarah Rae Vargas