PLUS MODEL MAGAZINE January 2016 Issue | Page 16

letter from the editor madeline jones | editor-in-chief I’m not one to make New Years Resolutions, I feel like I embrace many goals through the year. When I look back at 2015 I’m very grateful for both the ups and downs because they brought me to where I am today. As a brand PLUS Model Magazine has been a voice and an advocate for the industry and the plus size woman, we have helped launched careers and put the spotlight on everyone from models and bloggers to up and coming brands. So what’s next for us? We want to up the anty and create more opportunities for those that need the support more than anyone and that is the “plus size” woman. With so many people dictating their personal views about whether we should embrace the term “plus size”, and questions about health and wellness my goal is to provide inspiration visually but also inspire the readers on a deeper level than in the past. When we are armed with information, we are powerful and that is my goal. To make us a more informed and powerful industry where we will be speaking from our point of view and from a point of knowledge.