PLUS MODEL MAGAZINE January 2015 Issue | Page 98

101 modeling Madeline Jones took to Instagram to answer your most important modeling questions! @browngirl4 How many pictures should you have for a portfolio during a modeling cast? Quality is more important than quantity. Your portfolio is essentially your resume and should represent the best of your images. If you are just starting out make sure you have a great head shot (natural makeup) and a great body shot. You should strive for 10 strong images. Your images should show movement and various facial expressions. Many plus size models post their portfolio images on their public Facebook pages or Instagram. Look them up and take a look for inspiration. @threemjen Is ‘Plus Size model’ a catch-all term or are there different size categories that fall under that umbrella? Great question! The term “plus size model” was created to identify models who specifically meet the requirements to market to plus size women. Plus size clothing begins at a size 12 and most working models are size 12 - 16 with some being smaller and very few 18+. With this being said, PLUS Model Magazine advocates for more size diversity in our industry. With fashion being sold up to size 32, the size range of the current models is not as affective in the current marketing campaigns, as in years past.